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Because you have entrusted us with your investments, we adhere to a balanced investment philosophy that has stood the test of time. Furthermore, fundamental economic analysis informing our decision-making can often be sourced in-house, or through our numerous established trading liaisons and expert research providers that function in granting a high level of objectivity and intellect. It must also be noted that we apply methods and strategies developed by eminent academics whose pioneering research has in effect practical implications that have demonstrated superior performance throughout a prolonged period of time. In this vein, favorable results can be delivered in the markets by achieving a combination of factors such as by starting with the investment premise that equity risk will tend to deliver higher returns vs fixed income over longer periods, using funds with low expense ratios, attaining a value orientation and a smaller cap focus to name just a few. While fixed income investments can be identified in house by selecting individual bonds and funds that are carefully curated to deliver yield while mitigating interest rate exposure, credit risk and duration.  


Our understanding of emotional and psychological factors that affect market behavior is an important element of our investment philosophy. When assets are trading at unjustified prices and investors react unpredictably or irrationally, the outcomes can be costly. Our assessments of financial behavior can lead to better-focused investment insights when markets overreact. Careful consideration of these perspectives informs our knowledgeable and objective management of your resources.