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We are guardians of your interests.


We serve a diverse array of customers: high net worth individuals and their ensuing generations, non-profit organizations, foundations and corporations, providing customized, flexible investment plans that can quickly adapt to unfolding conditions in the global capital marketplace. For an all-inclusive fee tied to the value of your portfolio, we develop personalized plans that capitalize on proven strategies, selection of best-in-class assets, and valuable access to a universe of investments. 


Tax efficiency is a vital aspect of managing your investments. We can help you reduce income taxes and capital gain taxes within your investment portfolio. Our domestic and foreign customers can also reap significant tax deferral with an “insurance wrapper,” which is available through our insurance agency.


As guardians of your interests, we do not promote any proprietary products of the sort that have been at the center of Wall Street conflicts of interest. When our founders established Intercontinental, they made the decision to avoid such products, to ensure that the decisions we make about your investments are independent and free of unwarranted influence. 


The services we provide are based on an integrated model and progressive thinking, whether we’re developing your customized investment plan, traversing the complexities of global investing, or generating tax savings. We adhere to a sound line of reasoning that is the bedrock of our service tradition and the foundation of our fiduciary responsibilities.

Intercontinental Wealth Advisors LLC (IWA) fees are based on the market value of your portfolio. IWA is registered and regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC].