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Prepare your family for the money, rather than simply preparing the money for the family. At some point, financially successful families need to have a conversation about wealth and future generations. We can help initiate, moderate and maintain this vital communication between you, your children and your grandchildren. Calling on years of experience in family governance, we provide common sense advice and answers to your questions and concerns about protecting and transferring your wealth.


There’s a common observation about wealthy families — “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” Beginning with modest resources, the first generation creates substantial wealth, but by the time the grandchildren take the reins, the wealth has dwindled. To help families avoid this dire prophecy, we work with them to preserve and effectively transfer wealth.


Too often, affluent families focus almost entirely on planning for estate taxes, as if it’s the only inheritance challenge, but we help them see the whole picture from every angle. Families who seek advice in defining their wealth and making decisions about it are more successful in protecting their financial legacy.


Using your family wealth for a higher, better purpose has the power to unify the family and strengthen your values. Our family governance professionals will assist in creating an elevated program of philanthropy and will help you pass your mission of service on to your children and grandchildren.


When do you tell your heirs how much wealth they might inherit and when they should expect it? It’s a compelling question many families have struggled with. You may be concerned that telling heirs too early could create a sense of entitlement that discourages a good work ethic, interferes with their education or prevents the pursuit of a meaningful career. We believe that the right time to discuss expectations isn’t related to a specific age, but rather to financial maturity that you hope to instill and observe in your heirs before the transfer of wealth.