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Security for your family and business.


Your business takes care of you and your family, so you need to take care of your business. Reduce financial risk by preventing a business disruption, guarding against unforeseen losses or the loss of a key employee. Also protect your business assets with insurance that helps you cope with the death of a business partner, a lawsuit or damage from a natural disaster. Intercontinental’s insurance experts can help determine what aspects of your business you need to cover and how much protection you need.


Assure continuity of family management of your business by insuring the life of business owners and/or family members, designating the business as beneficiary of the policy. In the event of an untimely death, the policy gives your business the time and liquidity to maintain the balance of ownership, protect the family of the decedent, and make the management changes necessary to continue the successful operation of the business.

Key Man Insurance

The death of a key principal in your business can put it at risk. Reduce the negative consequences with an insurance solution that provides the company with the financial resources needed to see it through the on-boarding of a replacement individual.

Golden Handcuffs

Say your business has recruited a valuable, skilled and experienced person to manage a key area of the company, perhaps as the company’s top executive. A strategy known as “golden handcuffs” can help secure the loyalty and longevity of this individual. Often this is life insurance, with a premium that acts as an incentive and it's linked to the key employee’s compensation. Thus, the longer the executive stays, the higher his or her bonus compensation will be.