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Managed futures have over time proven an effective asset class in reducing volatility and enhancing the return profiles of investment portfolios. Our research team continuously explores the wide ranging strategies of this valuable asset class to identify the managers that provide the best potential partnership for our in house strategies. Like all other alternative investments adopted by Intercontinental, we believe this asset class offers prudent benefits for diversified and risk conscious portfolios.


Since 1990, managed futures have grown from less than $15 billion in assets under management to around $334 billion in Q1 2016. Many pension funds, endowments and bank trust departments have adopted this asset class as a natural segment of a well-diversified portfolio.


The striking growth speaks of the big advantages offered by managed futures: direct and flexible access (both long and short) to financial asset. More importantly, they provide exposure to risk-return patterns that are not easily accessible with traditional assets. Additional advantages include lower transaction costs and the use of leverage. Organized and transparent exchanges for futures and options, the two major vehicles through which managed futures are traded, have provided further assurance about the safety and regulation of this appealing asset class.